4 Dead Bodies and 24,000lbs of Trash Removed From Everest

Human excrement, food packaging, camping gear and spent oxygen tanks were common items found in the over 24,000lbs of trash which have been removed from Mount Everest during the 2019 climbing season. The rubbish was flown to Kathmandu where it will be sorted by recyclers.

The New York Post reports of the 4 bodies removed one is thought to belong to a Russian mountaineer and another is believed to be a Nepali climber. The other two bodies have not yet been identified. The bodies which had been exposed by melting snow during the spring thaw were flown to the state-run hospital in Kathmandu for identification.

Over the 70 years of Everest summit attempts over 300 people have died on the mountain including 11 this season including two Americans.

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