AAU 17 Open: A5 Survives, Shockwave Makes Noise on Day 2

On Day 1 of 17 Open, we wrote about three teams who came into AAU Nationals as a four seed and overtook the top seed in the pool. That’s a difficult feat, no doubt, but what’s more telling is what those teams do from here on out.

This time, the 17 Open field proved to be much more difficult – and will continue to separate over the course of the tournament as the field narrows – and all three of those teams are now out of Gold contention.

Because Bonneville 17s upset No. 7 A5 171 Jing on Day 1, that put A5 as a three-seed in a pool with Asics KIVA 17 Red, Maverick 17 Elite, and Asics Willowbrook 17 Gold. A5’s 8 AM match with No. 13 KIVA on Saturday was a matchup we’d expect later in the tournament.

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