Early Literacy Snack Mats

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four snack mats for snack time with young children

Every minute is precious during the day. We are always looking for ways to maximize learning.  Have you ever thought about using snack time for literacy building time? With these early literacy snack mats, you can do just that.

four snack mats for snack time with young children

Literacy Snack Mats

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I’ve made it super simple by creating the snack mats for you.  All you need to do is download (see below) and print.  You will probably want to laminate them for durability and ease of cleaning. Then, grab some snacks, play, and learn with the students.

Letter snacks that work well are gummy letters, letter cookies (I usually get them from Trader Joes or Walmart), Alpha-Bits cereal, and letter Cheez-Its.  You could also use regular snacks such as crackers, raisins, cereal, etc.

Beginning Sounds Snack Mat

beginning sounds printable mat

-Call out a beginning sound and have the student place a snack item on a picture that begins with that sound.

-Use letter snacks and have the student match the letter snacks with pictures that begin with the same letter.

Word Parts Snack Mat

word parts learning mat

-Have the student name the picture and count the word parts (syllables.) Place the correct number of snacks for the number of word parts after each picture.

You can also discuss which foods are healthy and which foods are junk foods. Also, describe how each food tastes, looks and feels.

Rhyming Snack Mat

rhyming learning mat

-Call out a rhyming word and have the student place a snack item on a picture that rhymes with that word.

-Use letter snacks and have the student say a rhyming word for each snack they place on a picture.

Find the Letters Snack Mat

finding letters learning mat

-Have the student name and cover each letter. This can be done with letter snacks or a regular snack.

-Call out a letter and have the student find that letter. Repeat until all letters have been called.

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