FACT: In 2019 You Can Still Buy Brand New Grass-Skis Made In The Czech Republic

Have you been under the impression that grass skiing went extinct about the same time GameBoy Color came out and if you wanted to try the sport in 2019 you’d have to get super lucky on Ebay? I sure was but apparently its very much alive thanks in large part to a single man.

There’s a dude in the The Czech Republic named  Martin Štepánek who was a world champion grass skier back in the day and he still produces models which you can buy on Grasski.net (if you’re the one holding onto the grasski.com domain be a good person and let Martin have it).

Anyway he makes 3 different models ranging from $284 to $415.  Once you have your pair practice up and book a flight to either Austria or The Czech Republic depending on which grass ski race you want to participate in culminating in The World Cup in Předklášteří, Czech Republic on June 29-30. If you’re feeling the vibe don’t think twice and just ORDER A PAIR HERE!!! Hands down best decision of your life. You can thank yourself later:

Grasski producer and distributor:

Grass skiing is internationally known under the word grasski and especially in the countries of the Rising Sun is a rampant sport, which is dedicated to not only athletes, but also recreational skiers who thus shorten the time between end and start of next winter. For competitors is important information that, like alpine skiing and a grass belongs to sport supervised by International Ski Federation (FIS).

More about grasski:

Variety of information is to be found on www.grasski.net website. But if you hear about grasski for the first time, follow information about skiing technique on grass, about oiling and ski service before and after skiing and general grasski service.For those yet planning grasski purchase I would recommend article comparing various ski models and lengths.And for those interested in competition level skiing, I would suggest to browser our big photo-gallery and watch videos from competitions or trainings. Also don’t forget to check when and where is your nearest competition so you can come by and support competitors from your country. and for the truly rad you can kite-grasski: Just to confirm they are still racing these puppies out in Europe. Here’s some race action from two weeks ago:

images from grasski.net

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