Jet Skier Knocked Out By Flying Stingray Alive Thanks To Miracle Beer Koozie

Hell of a headline I know but just listen to this story out of Hilton Head Island South Carolina. 18 year old Levi Dixon was whipping a jet ski when 4 foot wide 30lbs stingray breached and struck him in the face causing him to loose consciousness.

Levi might have drowned if not for a “miracle beer Koozie.” Island Packet reports Thomas McDaniel and his girlfriend Joanna Whipple were in a nearby boat and saw the accident only because a beer koozie flew out of their boat moments before causing them to change their field of view. Thanks to the koozie they saw Levi’s accident and were able to stabilize him and call for rescue.

The impact left Levi with two broken ribs, bruised lungs and swelling of the brain but thanks to a miracle coldy-holdy and some fast acting boaters he is on the road to recovery:

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