Man Reunited With Wedding Ring Lost At Ski Resort After 4 Month Search By Resort Staff

“I popped my gloves off and put out my left hand in the soft snow to steady myself. Pop — I felt the ring come straight off when I removed my hand from the snow.”

An Australian man got his wedding ring back due to the persistence and luck of dedicated staffers at a Canadian ski resort. The CBC reports Greg Hedges was skiing at Big White Ski Resort, southeast of Kelowna, B.C. when he took off his glove to snap a picture of some friends passing over him on a chairlift. He momentarily put his bare hand in the snow to steady himself and his ring slipped off:

“I hadn’t been skiing for a few years, and had forgotten the lessons about vasoconstriction in the cold.”

Hedges searched for the ring he had been wearing for the past 14 years but came up empty handed.  He contacted resort’s concierge to give them the location of the ring and flew back home to Sydney. Little did he know a pair of resort staffers would make it their personal mission over the next 4 months to find the ring. They searched the area time and time again over the winter but were skunked by fresh snow. After 6 to 8 attempts Eric Robert found what he had been looking for:

“Thursday was the last day we were going to be out on snow. We took our snowmobiles off the mountains just due to melting conditions. Snow will often move things, and so I just started a far ways down from the unload area of the Snow Ghost, worked my way up, and after about 15 minutes of scanning the ground, I happened across a ring on a rock. As it turns out, it was Greg’s.”

Hedges got an unexpected call last Friday from the resort’s concierge and learned of the recovery:

“I was just absolutely thrilled. To lose it was very, very upsetting. I can still feel the ring on my fourth finger. I can’t wait to get it back on.”

The ring is currently en route to Sydney via registered mail and Hedges is expecting to receive it June 5th. Hats off to the Big White employees who didn’t give up the search and got this dude his ring back. Bravo!



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