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Late post today because I am MOVING to a quieter place, so I’ve been packing like an absolute hero.

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Arsene Wenger being told he wouldn’t be taking charge of the next season.

It was a fucking beautiful moment in Arsenal’s history.

It marked the end of the slowest car crash in Premier League history. Ivan Gazidis finally plucked up the courage to move the manager on and it was utterly glorious.

Do I miss the man? In a weird way, of course I do. He was a great character, always had something interesting to say, he was and always will be an absolute legend. Even the last ten years can’t take away from the epic imprint he left on Arsenal football club.

However, I’m not playing into this weird twitter driven anniversary like so many of the pathetic cucks out there. Honestly, it’s so vom inducing how many Arsenal fans want to get behind the wrong sort of footballing traditions. This is an anniversary for Arsenal, the day we broke free from the grip of a manager who was out of control on power, it’s not a day we should be celebrating. If you are about to send out the invite for a #MerciArsene party, stop yourself. Don’t be an embarrassment. Celebrating the day a manager was fired like a death of a princess is beyond pathetic and it’s patronising. You think Wenger is out there popping corks?

If I were to celebrate, it’d be the win over all those awful people who backed Wenger because they felt like doing so meant they somehow radiated some of his intellectualism. ‘Careful what you wish for’… imagine being the sort that said that over and over for ten years when all the evidence pointed to the opposite.

If there were something worth celebrating today, it’d be the fact that Unai, Raul and Sven addressed the issues of Arsenal inside 2 transfer windows.

Hiring a coach that is tactically astute, one that is brave enough to pivot when he’s wrong, a man who has us competing again.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but no one asked for that, did they? We just wanted someone who could move us onto the next level. We are winning big games now, we’re playing exciting football, and the players are working for the fans.

When was the last time you were excited for anything Arsenal at this stage of the season?

Now we can look forward to the summer because it’ll be productive… we can look forward to next season because we’ll get even better… we are fans of a normal run football club.

This day should be celebrated as Arsenal day because it’s the day we got our Arsenal back. Hard to argue that now, right?

That’s me done, I am off out for ONE beer.

Huge game in the morning… COME ON YOU GOONERS! x

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