Receiving a short right sidespin/topspin backhand serve to the forehand

Good posts so far. I am not really saying anything different. Just saying things in a different way.

Spin avoidance: What NextLevel said: with this shot you have to touch the inside of the spin which is the left side of the ball.

If you do that, you start being able to do more of what you want with it.

If it is a side top curving to your FH (reverse pendulum, hook or BH serve), and you wanted to push short, you have to touch the left side of the ball with your blade face pretty much vertical. If it is open, the ball pops up. And you push down very gently with the bat vertical while the racket touches the left side of the ball (the inside of the side spin) that is how you would drop this short top/side serve short. The short drop may take practice. It takes very good touch. And if you have misread the spin and it is backspin, that will go down and absolutely not work.

Also, the arm position is very awkward and hard to get used to. You need to have your wrist way back so the blade face is facing out to the FH side so you can touch the inside (left side) of the ball.

So, as has already been said, taking this kind of spin is much easier with the BH.

And if you contact the left side of the ball, whether with the FH or BH, you should be able to choose what you want to do wither that is a flip, a loop or (takes more technique) dropping a short push.

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