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Spurs slip. Can Arsenal refocus and attack the top 3?


Yes, we have to play Crystal Palace at home in a HUUUUGE game that is going to go a long way to deciding where in the top 3 we finish.

Spurs shat the bed when they played City for the 3rd time in 10 days. That’s great news for us because it gives the opportunity to move into third by two points. It’ll also be super funny to laugh at how their greatest ever season saw them potless and a place behind us in the league (dream big).

Chelsea are level points with us now, so things really are getting tight…

Palace has lost 3 of their last 6. They sit 14th in the league. This shouldn’t be an ordeal.

However, you have to be real. We just went away to Napoli and Watford this week, we’re going to be drained and Palace is about as exciting as a trip to B&Q with your da when you’re young. Amirite? Wasn’t that shit?

‘Be a real man Pete and pick up that brick for me’

‘Bitch, back the fuck up… I just want to play computer games. One day, people will sit on the internet and watch the best gamers and it’ll be a thing. They’ll literally make millions from the ad revenue’

‘Pete, no one is ever going to make money from gaming, now show your dad how manly you are by loading up 10 bags of sand onto this trolley you absolute pussy’

Anyway, my point is that Palace is a banana skin because they aren’t interesting. They also have a good away record at the minute, sitting 4th in the table over the last 6 games.

The manager isn’t worried, which is grand.

I didn’t use this excuse in my career. I worked a lot in similar situations in France and Spain. Here, we came back last night at three o’clock and we came in this morning at 10am. But really, today I am coming here with a small smile because the players worked very well and gave me confidence for Sunday.

The players who didn’t play yesterday, today after this travel, they were working good and with the focus for Sunday and knowing that today in training, some players are going to play Sunday. After the last match, some players need to rest or to do a rotation with them, or with one player like Aaron Ramsey, he is injured. Also, Sokratis continues to be suspended. But this is the spirit I want. Like this morning, after the travelling yesterday. How we trained this morning and how we can have confidence to use players against Crystal Palace.

That said, we have a terrific home record, if we win today it’s our 11th on the bounce which is a record for us. We are defending better as a team, since March 10th, the only person to breach our back line is Phil Jagielka (6 clean sheets in 7 games). We are a much better team than them and the players can literally taste top 3 blood in the water (that taste isn’t blood, it’s bonus money fam).

We need to see a strong start tomorrow. The fans are going to be a massive help to the players, and hopefully, we channel some of that fight we’ve been showing of late. The only real worry is the lack of a Ramsey, and the auto-inclusion of Mustafi because of the Sokratis suspension. Still, Mustafi was pretty safe against Watford. Also, you saw that clip of him being fancy? Do I like him now? No. But that was cool.

Finally, some Wenger cucks were giving me grief about my post yesterday about Wenger cucks, a few mentioned that my traffic must be down. WRONG. Post Wenger traffic has been fucking amazing, more people are coming to the site than ever before… and to make things even rosier, the comments section is having a record year on a comments per day basis. You know why? People like football more when things are going well, which is all this site ever wanted.

Thank you for not abandoning me, I love you all very much, even the Wenger cucks that are desperate for us to fail. #MerciIvan

P.S. The Sun reckon we’re in for Joan Jordan to replace Rambo. Daily Mail reckon Edu is back on the radar… just wish we’d bite the bullet and nab Luis Campos or Paul Mitchell. Paul looks like a proper facking geezer. Not that that matters of course.

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