VIDEO: 102ft Oregon Waterfall + Worlds Best Cliff Jumpers = Madness

“This was a very special weekend for the crew. Many of us pushed the limits of our comfort zone by successfully executing personal high jumps.”

Butt naked 102ft cliff jumps with a the stars and stripes as a cape….’Murica. A bunch of the world’s best cliff jumpers had a powwow at Toketee and Abiqua Falls in Oregon and video is amazing. Aside from a high degree of pucker inducing dives, the video also showcases the beauty of the area:

“Abiqua Falls is arguably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It has such a unique geology featuring a basaltic amphitheater, framed by some of the best examples of columnar jointing. It’s also a near perfect free falling 92ft waterfall that creates a magical playground for cliff jumping. The top offers a 94ft cliff or a glorious 102ft cliff.”

Nick Coulter – Highest Double (102ft)

Robert Wall – Highest Double Gainer (102ft)

Chase Reinford – Highest Gainer full to Gainer Out (102ft)

Logan LaTulippe – Highest Triple Stall Frontflip (102ft)

Clark Kocourek – Highest Frontflip (94ft)

Quinn Davis – (Highest Double Half (94ft)

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