VIDEO: All Electric Pickup Adventure Vehicle Debuted @ Overland Expo

“We’re excited to introduce our mobile kitchen prototype. It showcases just one of the many ways to utilize the extra storage space in the R1T. The unit slides right out of the gear tunnel and incorporates two induction burners, a sink and 5 gallons of water storage. It was designed to keep all your cookware, place settings and coffee equipment organized while you’re out in the wild. And yes — it will be available at launch.”

Electric vehicle manufacturer
Rivian debuted a version of its flagship pickup truck ($69,000) equipped with a flatbed tent setup and full kitchen stowed away in its unique
“gear tunnel.” The big reveal went down at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The expo is dedicated to off-road adventure camper vehicles and is the first electric vehicle ever at the event.  With a top range of 400 miles you could get pretty far off the beaten path and have plenty of juice for a return trip:

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